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On the Go and Loving It! | Detroit Chapter

Charm Patricia Johnson is still on the go, and is loving it all. In April, as National Organ-izer, she successfully facili-tated the installation activities for the 21st Chapter of Charms, Inc., the Gahanna Chapter of Charms, Inc. The activities provided by the Gahanna Chapter were won-derful. Additionally, Charm Johnson wishes to thank President Chatman and all of our chapters for their roles and support in this en-deavor.

Hemingway said it best, ―If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.‖ To put his quote to the test, Charm Patricia Johnson traveled to Paris, France and London, England in March of this year. The pictures included with this article show what a delightful time she had.

Imagine floating down the Miami harbor with K’Jon’s ―On the Ocean‖ wafting in the background transitioning into Boyz II Men’s ―A Song for Momma. That is how Charm Patricia spent her Mother’s Day. In Miami, Florida, where she visited her son, Terrence, for a week. He out did himself as he celebrated Mother’s Day with many activities and gifts, including an Island Queen Cruise. Terrence certainly proved that his mom, Charm Pat was ―the queen of his heart. Patricia had a wonderful time.

Charm Receives Youth Service Award

Working in a non-profit envi-ronment can often be daunting and unappreciated. Every now and then your work comes to the attention of those who ap-preciate your efforts and recog-nize you for what you have done and will continue to do. Charm Dr. Grenae Dudley was so recognized on May 15, 2013. She received the Youth Service Award from the Detroit Com-munity Initiative (DCI) at their annual Community Builder Awards Luncheon.

Additionally, she received a certificate of Congratula-tions for the Youth Service Award from the Wayne County Commission. She was presented with the certificate as ―our expres-sion of celebration and as a record of our respect‖ from Wayne County Commis-sioner Martha Scott.

Gem Brandon Christopher Dudley was awarded his MBA from Wayne State University. Charm Grenae’s daughter Rachel Dudley is currently pursu-ing her doctorate at Emory. She successfully defended her project and has re-ceived the all but the dis-sertation status. Their aunt Charm Claudia McDuffie and parents mother Charm Grenae’ Dudley-White and step-father Charmer Ken and father Dr. Calmeze H. Dudley and step-mother Vanessa are very proud of their accomplishments.

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