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Symbols & Traditions


Some remain rooted in our founding, like our colors and the charm bracelet, while others have been adopted as we’ve grown

and shifted. These symbols and traditions represent

who we are and what we value, providing a great

source of meaning to our members, and creating

a bond of sisterhood that connects through time

and space.

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OPEN MOTTO: “Smile, help your fellowman and aspire to greater things”.

COLORS: Royal Blue and Silver

FLOWER: Blue-tipped Chrysanthemum

CHARM BRACELETS: Charms have been enchanting people since prehistoric times. Frequently referred to as amulets or talismen, the wearing of charms has been associated with magic, mystique, protection, spirituality and love.


In our organization, Charms, Inc., we used charms and charm bracelets to tell the story of our civic and social activities as Charms, along with our travels.


As each member matures, so does her charm bracelet, increasing not only in number of charms, but also in sentimental value.


This bracelet is frequently referred to as our “Lifetime” bracelet, growing over the years to one day be passed on to our daughter, continuing the tradition of Charms, Inc. from generation to generation. 


FOUNDERS DAY: June 25, 1961. Founder’s Day is a celebration of our organization’s birth. Traditionally, individual chapters honor our Founders with acts of service, friendship and leadership, and by coming together through social activities that celebrate Charms Incorporated’s heritage during the month of June.

NATIONAL UNITY WALK:  Each year a theme is proposed and then selected by the National Project Committee. All Charm Chapters walk on behalf  of the selected theme the third Saturday of May.

Happy Founder's Day

Celebrating 62 Years of Charms, Inc.


O God, Creator and Redeemer of the world where we live, we thank you for bringing us together today. We thank you for these women  

here who have reached out to others beyound their group. 

Guide them in their efforts as chapters. Bind us together

as sisters in a fellowship of love and understanding.

Give us courtesy;

Give us meekness of bearing

          with decision of charater;

Give us strength to endure;

Give us charity;

Give us sincerity of speech;

Give us diligence in our

          allotted task.


*Where there is hatred, let us sow love;

            Where there is injury, pardon;

            Where there is discord, union;

            Where there is doubt, faith;

            Where there is despair, hope;

            Where there is darkness, light;

            Where there is sadness, joy;

For Thy mercy and for Thy sake.



*Saint Francis of Assisi 

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