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Our Past Presidents

For generations our National Presidents worked tirelessly and invested their talents in preserving and advancing the legacy of Charms, Incorporated. These dynamic women were elected and worked alongside our fellow Charm Sisters to direct our organization. We honor them!

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Pictured Left to Right


Charm Lynada Coleburn Bryant, Philadelphia, PA

Charm LaQuinta Parker Perry, Durham, NC

Charm Patricia S. Johnson, Detroit, MI

Charm Elizabeth "Liz" Chatman, Benton Harbor, MI

Pictured Left to Right:

Charm Patricia Johnson, Charm Marie Horton, Charm Elizabeth Chatman, Charm Mae Orr, Charm Omega Parker

LaVera Hord* (Midnighters) 1952
Rebecca M. Hairston*  (Squaws) 1962-1964; 1964-1966; 1966-1968
Helen Thomas Lothery* (Squaws) 1970-1972; 1972-1974
Bettye M. McLaurin* (Squaws) 1974-1976; 1976-1978; 1978-1980
Joyce Gallant* (Squaws) 1980 - 1982
Omega Curtis Parker* (Squaws) 1982-1984; 1984-1996
Marie Horton* (Squaws) 1986-1988; 1988-1990
Marion Minniefield Hatcher* (Squaws) 1990-1992; 1992-1994
Marie Horton* (Squaws/Charms) 1994-1998

Mae Orr* (Charms) 1998-2002
Patricia S. Johnson (Charms) 2002-2004; 2004-2006
Cheryl Smith* (Charms) 2006-2008; 2008-2010
Elizabeth Chatman (Charms) 2010-2012; 2012-2014
LaQuinta Parker Perry (Charms) 2014-2016; 2016-2018
Lynada Coleburn Bryant (Charms) 2018-2020; 2020-2022


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