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Heart to Heart Message




When we watch the news or just listen to those around us,

we see a lot of people who do not feel it is necessary to

tell the truth, be honest or have integrity unless they get

caught.  People do not seem to take responsibility

for their actions these days. 


Thank goodness that is not who we are as Charms.


We are women of integrity and honesty who carry ourselves with dignity and walk in truth.


As we move forward, we want to bring in more women, younger women, who will help us be updated and relevant to the younger generations.  However, we want to be sure to keep who we are in the forefront.


As we bring new people into our organization, we want to be sure to listen to them and trust that some of their ideas will only make us better at what we do.


What we do ask of those new members is that they remember we did not get to where we are by accident.  Please learn who we are, what are guiding documents say and why they are written that way BEFORE trying to change us.  This will make for a better working relationship between generations and a smoother chapter.  Yes, we are open to change….just not for the sake of change and not if it compromises who we are as Charms.


As we elect officers to lead us for the near future, we need to honestly choose people whose gifts match the offices they seek.  Those who accept offices must be willing to give all that needs to be given.  It is their responsibility to know the duties of the office they occupy according to our Constitution and Standing Rules and to carry out those duties completely and in a timely manner. There are no offices in Charms that do not need someone who can give of their time and resources.  This is the only way we can move forward.


Note to Chapter Presidents – when you receive information from National Officers, it is not for your personal use only – it is to be shared with the Chapter. It is also your responsibility to respond to request/notices/information from the National Officers in the timeframe they have set forth.


Note to all members:  Read, study and learn our Constitution, Standing Rules and your ByLaws.   Remember, we are not governed by Robert’s Rules of Order or by information found on the Internet.  We are governed by the documents of Charms, Inc.  And would you PLEASE learn our National Song….it’s not hard and has basically been the same for at least 40 years.


I pray this Organization continues to grow.  I see the excitement in our newer members.  I pray our seasoned members remember their initial excitement and can find it again.  We can grow into every state in the nation or we can slowly die out.  It is our choice.


I do feel badly for the Charms and the Chapter that we lost, however, I cannot take responsibility for the actions of those members nor their decision to leave.


I want to thank all of you for praying for me, putting up with me when I’ve had questions and suggestions, pushed to keep us on track and had “Senior moments”. I pray I have not offended anyone.  I have tried to speak in truth and in love at all times.


I pray God’s blessings on all of us as we move forward.


Thank You.



Charm Liz Chaplan

National President 2010-2012 | 2012-2014


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